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Diamond is one of the hardest and purest substance on earth, known its unique brilliance, fire and its seductive power. The word diamond is derived from the Greek "Adamas," which means unconquerable. Diamonds are minerals made of almost pure crystallized carbon (99.95%). They are formed millions of years earlier at depths greater than 75 miles below the earth's surface.

Diamond symbolizes purity, strength and love. This dazzling and glittering gem has become the symbol of the most beautiful relationship of marriage, symbolizing the commitment to never-ending love. Buying a diamond for special occasion is a unique experience, whether you are visiting jewellery shops or surfing internet for best deal. Understanding characteristics and quality of diamond will allow you to make informed and confident purchase.

Our diamond education section explains characteristics of diamond quality (carat weight, colour, clarity and cut) and other relevent information to enable you to make informed and confident purchase at Morika Jewellery. 

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