Engagement Ring Guide

Buying engagement ring for someone special is a very emotional moment. Engagement ring is a symbol of love and firm commitment to the most important relationship of life. The classic engagement ring comprises of two parts: diamond and setting. This guide will help you to choose perfect engagement ring setting, and the right combination of diamond size and quality, so you can make the perfect decision about engagement ring.

How Much Should I Pay?

The main essence of engagement ring is the expression of your true feelings for her. Your main considerations should be quality and character of engagement ring to celebrate this occasion special. Normally, one to two months' salary is norm. You can spend any amount or limit yourself to realistic budget.

Give Her What She Will Love:

This is the most challenging task if you are planning to keep your engagement proposal a secret. Here are some useful tips.

  • Findout what style of jewellery she owns. Does she love modern or traditioanl? Does she prefer white gold, yellow gold, two-tone (white and yellow gold) or platinum?
  • Observe how she react to other women's engagement rings? Does she ever express an interest in a particular style when flicking through fashion magazines?
  • Ask her friends, female relative, or mother (if she can keep secret) about her likes and dislike regarding jewellery or engagement ring.

Perhaps, the best advice is to discuss engagement ring choices with your partner. Whether you are planning for surprise proposal or you want her to be involved in the decision making. Here are some more useful information:

Find Your Perfect Diamond:

Finding a perfect diamond is the important part of engagement ring. What size, shape and quality of diamond she will love? What are the prices? At Morika Jewellery, we are committed that our customers make informed and knowledgeable purchase. Find out about diamond in our Diamond Education Section for more detailed information.

Engagement Ring Setting Styles:

Lily Diamonds offers wide variety of setting styles, traditional as well as contemporary. Different designs and styles of ring settings are:

diamond solitaire ring

shoulder diamond rings

vintage style rings


Shoulder Diamonds

Vintage Style

Traditional engagement rings are solitaire or single stone rings. Round brilliant shape is very popular, followed by princess cut. Solitaire engagement rings looks amazing with high quality diamond. In shoulder diamonds rings, small diamonds are set on either sides of engagement ring along with main centre diamond. Vintage style refer to antique looking styles, these styles comes in variety of designs.

Choose Your Preferred Metal:

Fine jewellery is manufactured either in 18kt Gold or Platinum. Both metals are popular for engagement rings, some prefer traditional yellow gold, other like white gold or platinum for white colour. Some also prefer two-tune (yellow and white) for the engagement ring. Below is the brief comparison table of gold and platinum properties:

  Comparison Table of Platinum and 18kt Gold

Platinum is the strongest, most pure
  metal. It will last a lifetime.
  More Expensive
Platinum is rarer than gold.
Platinum jewellery is composed of
  95% pure platinum.
  Infrequent / More Difficult
Strongest jewellery metal
Resistant to damage
Won't wear away
Develops a satin finish
Difficult to polish, repair
Won't tarnish

18k gold is the most common
  engagement ring setting.
  Less Expensive
18k gold is composed of 75% gold
  and 25% metal alloys to give it
  More Often / Easy
Softer, malleable metal
More easily damaged
Will wear away over years
Easy to polish, repair
Won't tarnish

Ring Size:

Finally, you need to find out her ring size. Engagement ring is worn on the left hand ring finger ( finger located between the middle and the little finger). If your proposal is surprise and you don't have any idea of her ring size, ask her friends or mother if they know her finger size or borrow one of her rings and use the ring measurement to determine her finger size.

If you are still unsure about her finger size, we offer free resizing services during the first year. To learn how to find the correct ring size, check our Ring Size Guide.

If you have question or require any help regarding purchasing perfect engagement ring, please Contact Us . Our team will guide you to purchase perfect engagement ring.