Wedding Ring Guide

Buying a wedding band can be far simpler than buying the perfect engagement ring. It is important to select the right wedding bands as it is intended to be worn for the rest of your life.This simple guide is designed has lots of useful tips and hints to assist you in the search of perfect wedding ring. Here are some tips:

Matching or Complimentingmatching bands

Many women like to coordinate the symmetry, width, colour and even metal of their wedding ring to their engagement rings. Similarly, same rules apply when you are deciding whether to match or complement each other's wedding bands.The symbolism of matching simple bands helps to convey the eternity of your bond together. It is also perfectly acceptable to prefer a different metal or style than your spouse. It is important to choose ring that you love and like to wear.

Metal and Colour

Choose your preferred colour and metal of wedding ring. 18ct white gold and platinum are almost same colour. Traditional 18ct yellow is also popular. You can either compliment same metal and colour of engagement rings for wedding ring or choose completely different colour. It is a personal preference and lot depends on your budget. Read our Precious Metals section for more information.

gold band white gold band platinum band
18ct Yellow Gold 18ct White Gold Platinum

Perfect Width

Select your preferred width of wedding ring. You can either consider the width of her engagement ring, or it is also acceptable if the two are of different widths. Many women prefer an identical or at least similar width.

At Morika Jewellery, wedding bands are available in 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8mm widths. When selecting your width, consider the shape of your hand. Is your hand long and narrow or short and broad? Generally, your ring should match the shape of your hand. Narrow bands work best on narrow hands while broad bands are better for broad hands.

band width

Band Styles

There are number of styles (or profiles) of wedding bands available in 18ct yellow and white gold, platinum and palladium. These styles are:

flat shape The traditional band has a flat interior surface and simple domed exterior.
D-shape D-shape band is a traditional rounded look with a flat fit inside against the finger.
court shape The court band has rounded profile on the outside and inside to give a comfortable fit on the finger.
easy-fit The easy-fit band has slightly rounded inside edges to enable more comfortable and long-term wear.


You need to have a fixed idea of what your budget is and how much you are prepared to spend on a wedding ring, bearing in mind that this is usually a once in a lifetime purchase. If you are contemplating a wedding ring with diamonds in this will cost you considerably more than a plain metal ring. 

Buying Diamond Wedding Ring

If you're going to have diamond wedding rings, such are half eternity, full eternity or just diamonds set in rubover setting. Read our Diamond Section for more detail information on diamonds.